Dr. Haderlie and Dr. Christensen would love to help with the following services for your horse, mule or donkey:

Horse with face wound
wound care

Timely and appropriate care of your horse's wound will insure the best long-term outcome.

Horse receiving routine care
routine care

Learn more about recommended routine care for your animal.

Horse being treated for lameness

A common and frustrating issue. Let us help you get your horse back to work.

Horse receiving medicine

Once a proper diagnosis is made we can prescribe the proper medication.

Horse in surgery being attended to by veterinarian

We have top of the line equipment and facilities in order to treat your animal.

Mare receiving reproductive treatment
reproduction services

Including breeding by artificial insemination, ultrasound exams, uterine treatments, mare & foal care.

Horse receiving dental care

Teeth affect so much of the overall health of your animal and should be checked annually.

Horse being examined by veterinarian
pre-purchase exams

Avoid problems down the road by getting that horse checked out first!

Veterinarian giving slide presentation
education seminars

The more you learn, the better prepared you are to keep your animal in top condition.

digital x-ray of a large animal
diagnostic imaging

In-house digital radiography, digital ultrasound, and endoscopy are powerful tools for determining the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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